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Semana 63 #trunky

By 11:49 AM

Olá todo mundo!!!

I still can´t believe that I got to Skype you guys last week to watch Adam open his mission call - that was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life, and remembered me clearly of the day that I was in Europe and called you guys with a surprise - my own mission call. I am so glad that Adam included me in this special process. I was overwhelmed with realizing that he will leave just one month before I get home, and I spent the first few days of this week extremely homesick. It really tore me up emotionally to both talk to you guys, watch Adam open his call, realize that we´re not going to see each other before he leaves, and then hang up. I prayed a lot to find comfort in this GOOD thing that will happen in Adam´s life. The immediate response came as I remembered was the Savior taught in Matthew 19:29, "And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life." This is the absolute best thing that could happen to our family - and I know that every mission is individual, that it doesn´t matter that Adam will serve close to home, the people of Boise are going to be so excited to receive him and that is where the Lord needs him to serve!

Conference couldn´t have been better. (cliché phrase but it´s a million times better on the mission) I loved all of the talks, but my favorite session was Sunday morning. President Uchtdorf shared about the old church in Dresden destroyed in the war, and then later restored to become a majestic cathedral - more magnificent, grand, and overwhelmingly beautiful than its original architectural design. I reflected on my own life, and the changes, the "reformation", that has come because of living and applying the gospel and Atonement of Jesus Christ. Whatever destroys us, be it falling into temptation, trials and afflictions, others´ wrong choices, health problems, family problems, a lack of faith, all of these "weaknesses" in our own architectural design can be fortified and restored to become something even more incredible. The Lord literally turns our weaknesses and makes them strengths, and the overall product is a grander design than we could ever imagine ourselves. But we have to let some walls be torn down in order to let the Lord fix it up in the way that HE sees fit. That happens through the Atonement. Through repentance. Through giving our will into His hands and letting Him mold us. That´s something that I´ve learned on the mission. It doesn´t matter what I want to do or who I want to be, I need to listen to the Lord and follow the Spirit to know what I need to change, what walls I need to tear down, so that He can build them back up. I´m grateful for that still, small voice that guides us to know where we are wrong and how we can improve. That was exactly what I experienced in listening to Conference. Everything that I have searched for in how to improve was shown to me. And I´m grateful that I have a lifetime to work on these weaknesses of mine! 

As for other little details from this week -

On top of our apartment still having a broken roof, we ran out of water and didn´t have any storage water.. So we spent a few days showering at the stake president´s house. The Lord never lets his servants suffer too much! We always have exactly what we need.

We went on splits this week - Sister Gallo went to Currais Novos to help there, and I spent the week with a "novinha" (new sister) named Sister Lopez from Uruguay! She´s a doll, super shy and still learning the language, but I learned a lot from her and reminded me the ups and downs of training. I´m grateful that I had that opportunity this week! We had a lot of investigators at conference, including Vera and Jadson and their family! This week we progressed well with them and had a super serious lesson about eternal marriage and the law of chastity with them. After we invited them to live the law of chastity and get married, Jadson proposed to her right then and there! It was so cute (but also super embarrassing lol) but they have some challenges in their way. They want to keep this commandment to get married so that they can get baptized, but Vera receives a pension (don´t know this word in English? I think that´s the right word) because her former husband died, which is the only income that they get as a family. So we decided to do a fast with them that Jadson can get a job here so that they can keep the Lords commandments and get married and be baptized! They did a whole 24 hour fast and watched 3 sessions of conference. What a huge example they are to me! 

I´m grateful for what I learn daily as a missionary. I´m grateful for the time that I get to spend here - it´s truly slipping through my fingers and before you know it, it´ll all be over. So I´m gonna do my best to continue to live it up and help others continue on the path!

As another side note, I heard word from Mossoró that my convert Moalisson returned to church and is preparing to receive the priesthood next week! Milagres são reais. 

Eu amo vocês demais!!! 
Sister Brown

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