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Semana 55

By 3:07 PM

Olá família!!

So this week can be summed up in one word - CARNAVAL.

Caicó hosts the third largest Carnaval in Northeastern Brasil.

Imagine the redneckness of the Indy500, mixed with Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible. Multiplied by 1000. Worst work week of my life... I don´t even know how to explain Carnaval other than 5 days AND nights (yes, 120 hours straight) of alcohol, super loud music, assaults, murders, and any excuse to do whatever the heck you have wanted to do in your life just because it´s "Carnaval". They organize what they call "blocks" of people around the city, which are given names for what... happens at that specific block. I´ve never been more verbally harrassed in my life! It doesn´t help that I´m a blonde haired blue eyed american.. But anyway. It´s been a few days of everyone drinking and partying, which results in a lot of rejection to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. You know. Who wants to come unto Christ when you´re living in sin, right? Sunday was the worst day because at least our area is on the outskirts of the city center, but we had to walk into the city to get to church. There was a block right in front of the church building! Man. Pray that we survive until wednesday when this all ends! 

Before the Carnaval festivities began, was an awesome week. Our mission leadership conference went really well, beyond seeing some of my favorite people (AND the hugest surprise of running into Sister Lopes at the mission office before she headed to the airport with her family), the training from both President an Sister Soares were really inspired, as always. Sister Soares touched a lot on how as servants of the Lord, we commit to teach the gospel with all our "heart, might, mind, and strength" (D&C 4), and that within each of these categories exist attributes, qualities, and resources that we can utilize to strengthen our capacities as servants. If we increase our level of obedience, we will strengthen our "might". If we fast more, we will increase our "strength". It was an awesome exercise that helped us as leaders find new ways to help our zones overcome their challenges.

Speaking of challenges. Another week passed of us not having any investigator at church. Our ward frequency was extremely low. I´m trying so hard to figure out what is wrong or how to solve this problem, but no matter how hard we try to talk to EVERYONE we can´t seem to find people who are willing to come to church. And those who say they will, don´t go. Sunday morning we called a few people who said they would be there, and then no one showed up. Whatever it is, I know that if I do my part that the Lord will do His. I´m not discouraged or sad, like I was with our problems in my last area, but I have faith and hope that things will all work out in the end! 

Even in the midst of the Carnaval craziness, we contacted a man on the street named Clebérton. He didn´t seem to interested in our contact at first, but when we started to explain what the church teaches and more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, he opened up to us and shared his life. He explained how, because of his own bad decisions, destroyed everything in his life, work and family, and he was searching for solutions. I had the opportunity to share with him some of my own similar personal trials and how the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the repentance process had helped me find hope and peach and eternal happiness. That was the second time on my mission that I have come away from a lesson completely overcome with the Spirit, to the point of becoming short of breath and completely sucking my energy, and knowing that EVERY WORD out of my mouth wasn´t mine.  We had the opportunity to come back and teach him the Restoration and marked his baptism. Unfortunately we have lost contact with him but are praying daily that we run into him again!

I´m out of time, but know that I love this church, love Christ´s gospel, and love what I do. I´ll see you guys in 5 months !! and before you know it, Adam will be out serving and learning just like I am. :)

so explaining the pics i sent this week, the one with the grafitti says, "cada átomo meu promete cuidar de cada átomo seu." which says, "each of my atoms promises to take care of each of your atoms." which is like a super cute nerdy chemistry love phrase and i had to take a picture! haha love you guys!

cleaning the apartment

"I just LOVE to clean!"

Talk to you guys later!

Sister Brown

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