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Semana 56

By 2:40 PM

Hello family!!

Okay so I survived the last half of Carnaval #milagre. It may or may not have been one of the craziest weeks of my life here in Brazil, but I sure am glad that it all went well! This week was full of tender mercies from the Lord, some hidden in trials but daily present!

Tender Mercy #1-
So last week once Carnaval started, our eleito Clebérton disappeared. I prayed so hard that we would find him! On Tuesday night we were walking around in the neighborhood and we saw a man dressed as a magician EXTREMELY drunk (but the happy kind of drunk). When he got closer, we realized that it was CLEBÉRTON! Woohoo!!! Besides the fact he was drunk we were SO glad to run into him. He gave us a hug like we were his buddies (super weird and we said no no no no no you can´t do that but he said, yes yes yes i can!) but we marked to meet him at his friend´s house again. And, when we returned the day after, he was there! A little bit more sober, and we had an awesome lesson about repentance and marked his baptism! I´ll follow up with the story with the other tender mercies from the week.

Tender Mercy #2-
We met a man named Conceildo who has turned into another awesome investigator! In the initial contact he told us all about his spiritual and religious search, and we marked another visit. When we taught him about the Restoration, he had Joseph Smith type questions! He told us that he always read the Bible, but started to see that the Catholic church did things contrary to the gospel and what is written in the Bible. And he knew that he needed to find the right path. After we taught him about the Great Apostasy, he asked us, "well then what happened to the church of Christ and how can I know which church is true?" It was such an awesome lesson and he is going to pray about the Book of Mormon, but we haven´t found him at home the past few days so we´re anxious to follow up with him!

Tender Mercy #3-
The past few weeks have been super hard because we haven´t had a single investigator at church, but this Sunday we decided to do things differently and show the Lord that we would do everything we could and He would have to do the rest. We left the house at 6:30am and passed by EVERYONE´S house in our teaching group. In every. neighborhood. Our area is super big. But we started out at the top in the farthest area, and we ended up bringing an inactive member Josemar (the man in the blue shirt from my pictures) and his nephew Isaque. 

Then we got another recent convert to come with us, an 81 year old man. The three of them walked with us ALL over our area for an hour and a half until we finally got to the church in the city center! They didn´t even complain. Along the way we met up with Clebérton, who was all dressed and waiting for us! He was so nervous and anxious to go to church. Sunday was one of the best days I´ve had here in Caicó so far, and Clebérton (in the orange shirt), Josemar and Isaque all loved church. 

They made us promise that we would pick them up every week. The progress is coming along! Clebérton was even telling everyone how his baptism will be Sunday!! I hope all goes well!

Tender Mercy #4-
One side effect of having had lots of companions from Rio Grande do Sul, I am now an addict in tereré and chimarrão, which are sort of like teas that they drink. Our lemonade had run out of supply, and it was a saturday night. All of the markets were closed and we were dying to drink our tereré this weekend. So I said a prayer that we would find a market open that had lemonade. On top of it, we´ve only found one market that sells lemonade but they were already closed. So we ran around our neighborhood and wouldn´t you know it, found a market open! And when we got there, we found an entire box of lemonade (in powder mix). Specific prayers get specific answers! That was an awesome day hahaha.

Tender Mercy #5-
I really am learning how to cook!!! This week we didn´t have lunch, so we decided to make some brasilian rice with sausage and vegetables, and I cooked the whole meal! I know how to make a super tasty brasilian rice (cooked together with bell peppers, tomatoes, peas, or meat or whatever you want together). Mom I am going to survive college when I get home!!! 

I hope you all had a great Valentine´s Day, and I loved the emails from this week. Love that you guys got together with the families of my favorite sisters from the mission! And loved the Guaraná on the counter ;) 

Talk to you all next week, have a great one!
Sister Brown

also, I decided that I am MORE anxious for Adam to get his mission call than he is... I couldn´t sleep yesterday thinking about it!!!

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