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Semana 50

By 1:11 PM

Olá todo mundo!!

It´s officially 2016, which means I`M COMING HOME THIS YEAR!!!!! Can you believe it? I seriously feel like I´m just beginning to understand how to be a missionary and I´ll be on a plane home here in 6 months... just like you all said. When the snow melts and school is out, I´ll be home. :)

So for my email this week I wanted to share some parts from my journal of what our week was like.

"This past week I have really been working to develop more diligence. Ever since the Christmas Conference I have realized that I need to work more diligently and that I was mission out on blessings from the Lord. Today, I saw huge blessings because of our diligence. Our area has really been a challenge because of how far away and big it is. Today lunch was SUPER far away, we didn´t get to our area until 4 pm. Usually when we lose so much time in the afternoon it´s not a very productive day (probably because we let it be like that). But today we took a different route, and passed a man who said "boa tarde" to us. Unusual. Usually people aren´t the first ones to talk to us. We kept walking, but after we passed his house the Spirit nudged me to go talk to him. I ignored it and we kept going.. after a few minutes I couldn´t take it and said, "ugh okay! We need to go back and talk to that man." So we turned back and knocked on his door. He welcomed our visit as if he had been expecting us! After getting to know him, Francisco told us about his hard life in Rio and that he had moved back to Sousa to try and start his life over. He felt like his life had no meaning after he had lost his son as well. We had the opportunity to teach him the Plan of Salvation and his countenance changed, he looked as though he had more hope. He will come to church with us on sunday. I was so grateful that I listened to the Spirit in that moment! The Spirit guides us to the people who are needing our message. We also were prompted to visit a contact from a few weeks ago, and after introducing us to the entire extended family we taught them the Restoration and they are all going to come to church with us on sunday! After the lesson, Damiana (the mom) said that she felt as though her seed of faith had begun to sprout and grow, and she believed in the message of the Restoration. The Lord really opened up doors for us today, all because we worked diligently. Today was an example of the scripture, "do not run faster than you have strength" but according to what I can give, the Lord will provide the rest!"

We saw little miracles every day this week because even going at the pace we could, we worked diligently. We had some wins and some defeats. We had a baptism of a quorum fall through (always a huge bummer). As we create our teaching group we are quickly cutting and having to weed through. Opening an area has been tough, but I have grown so much these last 3/4 weeks of this transfer and I have been so spiritually edified! That has been the greatest reward. 

So here´s to a new year. A year with redoubled efforts to more faithfully serve the Lord, to follow His footsteps, a rekindled sense of love for our neighbor and for Him. 

I love you guys so much! Until next week!

Sister Brown

ps - pictures from our week. I risked a day to take my camera out and take a few pictures of our area. It´s just countryside and lots of dirt 

i got burned this week 

also if you were wondering what Sister Brown looks like in the kitchen, here you go! (of course I´m making tapioca.)  AND I remembered what you guys said on the skype and I decided to do my own step by step tutorial on how to make tapioca! haha so here we go - you have your tapioca that you buy from the store, and then you have to pass it through a strainer to be granulated

and then you cook them! (but there´s an art to cooking tapioca that only brasilians and sister brown know about ;) )

and then afterwards you can eat your tapioca with whatever you want! with eggs, cheese, banana, tomato, the list goes on and on! So maybe there is hope for me in the culinary department when I get home 

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