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Semana 62--Easter

By 10:06 AM

Feliz Páscoa todo mundo!!

What a special Easter week it has been. The Lord truly blessed us in spiritual growth and successes. I am so grateful for this time of year - I hope I can show better my gratitude to my Savoir for His eternal sacrifice, and that we will ALL overcome physical death, because He resurrected, and spiritual death, because of His atoning sacrifice in the Garden. 

This week was marked by several beautiful things. First, I received a letter from my convert in Natal, Emanoel. I cried SO much as I read his beautiful testimony, that I want to share with you. 

"...I got so excited when I received your letter, you know that you were an instrument of Heavenly Father to rescue me from the world... and you did it! The blessings are only increasing in my life. I had some trials but like I promised, I am mantaining focus. Sister Luciana, the wife of President Odirlei (ward members), put me as a counselor at the youth conference and I had my first spiritual experience. At the conference, we did a representation of Lehi´s Dream by using ropes for the "iron rod" and guided the young men and women to the tree of life, or to a different place. At the beginning I took care of the youth to the wrong path and I didn´t feel good doing that.. so I asked to switch and then guided them to the tree and I called them to follow my voice but some of them didn´t listen! I only managed to save 2 young men because there were other counselors leading the youth to the wrong path! I saved only two but I was so happy to have saved them that I cried. I felt that I really was in Lehi´s dream.

Sister, I know that we met each other in the pre-existence. I know that you came here to save me and I am so grateful to you and Sister Coelho! ...

Sister the theme for the youth conference this year is "Press Forward with Steadfastness in Christ". I am pressing forward because of two sisters that asked me to pray and ask if these things were true.. now I LIVE this gospel! I know that the Book of Mormon is true, that we have a living prophet, I know that families are eternal and now YOU are a part of my family as well!"

There is nothing better than receiving a letter such as this. No greater happiness, no sense of accomplishment more gratifying that exists in this world, than help others come to KNOW our Savior Jesus Christ and the power of His Atonement. Isn´t that all about why we are here? To help our brothers and sisters come to KNOW of these things as well? 

On this note, this week we had our zone conference with President and Sister Soares. Lots of things touched me that are helping me realize how I have progressed on my mission and what I still lack for these last few months. She talked about planning our personal growth, and the importance of consciously becoming who God wants us to be, and not just growing "by accident". I found this counsel so important to me at this stage of my mission - I have changed so much, but I still have 3 months to take advantage of and literally "plan" to change and mold myself to be the person God wants me to be, to become perfected in Christ. I, once again, received counsel from the Lord in that moment that I need to set goals and fulfill them. I set some personal goals for the rest of my mission and what I need to do when I get home. I´m excited for these moments of introspection and the opportunity to evaluate my weaknesses and allow the Lord turn them into strengths. This week I put that into practice and asked Sister Gallo one thing that I could do better or work on, and she suggested me something about my character and attitude that I could change. It was something I wasn´t especially aware of, but that the Spirit touched me in that moment and confirmed that I needed to be better in that aspect! I was so grateful for the help of my sweet companion in that she, too, will help me turn my weaknesses into strengths. Sister Soares also gave a beautiful analogy of two lightbulbs of different qualities of light - one ws brighter and stronger than the other.l She used this analogy as what quality of light we reflect depends on the "components" of our lightbulb. What type of gas is used in the glass, the type of metal used, the size of the bulb, etc. What matters on the inside will determine what kind of light shines. We must search to perfect ourselves from the inside to shine brighter on the outside. I´m grateful for humbling moments to learn WHERE I need to change and the fact that I really CAN change! 

Other events from this week -

I got a beautiful package/letter from Dana Pescatello! I just cried when I read her letter. Maybe I´m just super sentimental but I am so grateful that people can feel of my testimony and love of the Savior and His work through my emails. 

We have been working with a part member family this week - two of the kids were baptized in Natal 8 years ago and they fell away from the church when they moved to Caicó. We reactivated the oldest sister Rayane, and have been preparing the two younger siblings (Renata, 19 years old, and Rayan, 16 years old) to be baptized. They were examples of people who were just waiting to be invited to return to the church and accept the gospel! Both Renata and Rayan were baptized on Sunday. What a beautiful baptismal service. 

Last exciting event - it rained and stormed a TON this week, and on tuesday we had troubles getting home because of flooding. When we got to our apartment, the ceiling had fallen through and the entire apartment was flooded! Gratefully the only thing that broke was our washing machine, and we didn´t lose any personal belongings, but we do have to find a new apartment this week and move. So that´s been a huge stress on top of everything and we are currently living out of our suitcases because of water damage. But at least now I know how to handle a house disaster! I had flashbacks to when our house flooded.. haha kind of a funny experience to have on the mission but no one was hurt so don´t worry!

I love you guys and am so blessed to be serving a mission right now! I know that this work is inspired and guided by Jesus Christ himself. Have a great week and I´ll talk to you guys next! 

Sister Brown

Mom note:

Emily's brother, Adam, got his mission call yesterday. Emily's mission president gave her permission to skype with Adam when he opened his mission call. It was a wonderful moment for these two to share and I am particularly thankful that President Soares let Emily skype because Adam is leaving before Emily gets home. Tender Mercies!

Idaho Boise Mission--leaving June 1st!

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