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Semana 59

By 4:17 PM

Olá família!!!

The countdown is starting to get real. 4 months from today I´ll be on a plane home, leaving this land that I have grown to love more than my own. I am anxious to learn and grow and do everything I can to become the woman that my Heavenly Father would have me become, and find the people He has prepared for me to teach and baptize. 

So this week we started working on Thursday, because we had Mission Leadership Conference on wednesday, and had to travel all day tuesday. It was very emotional because it was the last time I´ll see Sister J. Baker on the mission! It is so weird seeing all my best friends go home.. Beyond that, I really wasn´t looking forward to being burned by the Assistants and President for not having baptized this month, regardless everyone knowing that our area is difficult. I didn´t want to feel worse about our numbers, because I have never worked harder in my life, talked with so many people, had so many rejections and had so little success. But as we stood at the conference, President interjected the comments from the Assistants. He said, "filhas, don´t worry about your numbers from this month. I, along with everyone else at this conference, know that you two are successful missionaries. You don´t need to prove that to anyone. I TRUST you two. You are pretty, young ladies that will open the hearts of the people you teach. Fiquem tranquilas (relax!), you´re doing your job!" And then he gave a smile. That was everything I needed to hear! I didn´t know if President was accepting my efforts here in Caicó, or if he know that I really was trying my very best. But his words brought so much comfort! I knew that he trusts and loves me. I know I shouldn´t be so worried about what President thinks, but as he is our representative of Jesus Christ here on the mission, I knew in that moment that the Lord was accepting my efforts and that I would be rewarded. This has been a difficult transfer. But I know that the Lord is testing my faith and my diligence, and I won´t give up just because things are a little hard right now. It´ll all work out, and I know that I am leaving my mark here in Caicó. Everyone we pass knows who we are. What we have to teach. That our message is true. Even though the adversary is doing his job well, I am not discouraged! I´ll fight every day, every second in this battle even if I come up empty handed. But this week, we saw miracles.

We have been teaching a couple named Jadson and Vera (yes, my name is super common here!) who were prepared by the Lord! They have perfect questions, and are hungry to learn more. Unfortunately Jadson is going to be in Natal this whole month for a class he´s taking, Vera came to church with us and brought her son and nephew! They walked the whole hour to the church and back without complaining - this is the greatest miracle because I know we´re used to it, but our investigators aren´t! We´re going to keep working with Vera until Jadson get´s back and then we´ll talk about getting them married and baptism.

Update on Carla - she didn´t go to church yesterday because she had an appointment, but we are still progressing with her.

Update on Cleberton - we didn´t find him at all this week. We passed by his ex wife´s house a few times and she always says that when he stops at the house he asks if we had shown up. He´s been having lots of problems with the Word of Wisdom, but we know that they´ll stop if we can just get in touch with him again. So pray that we´ll find him this week!

Update on Maria and Aldberto (Mossoró) - they´re strong in the church and are giving lunch to the sisters! They´ve had some challenges but are working towards their goal of temple sealing.

Update on minha filha (Sister Gallo) - she has had HUGE SUCCESS with her filha in Natal. President and her zone leaders and the AP´s are super impressed with her work there and I can´t help but think, "that´s my daughter!" hahaha. what a treasure it is to train on the mission!

I don´t have much else to say about this week - sorry. Some weeks are better than others. 


Sister Brown

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