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Semana 65

By 8:47 AM

Olá todo mundo!!

So I´ve been sitting here at the computer looking at this blank email draft for about 10 minutes and still don´t have a whole lot to say. Some weeks are better/more eventful than others. We worked, we sweated, we taught, we walked, we cried, we laughed, we learned, and we served.

At church yesterday in the Gospel Principles class we learned about repentance. While the class is set up to teach just the "basics", every time we study basic gospel principles we learn a new aspect. I like to think of our testimony as a diamond in the rough. It starts out as just a plain looking rock - reflecting almost no light, ugly, raw. But when we take the time and effort to study and learn, we polish a new facet to our diamond. The overall product takes a lot of work, that´s why it´s so valuable to us. Not only the amount of work, but the material of the diamond itself. Carbon molecules forced under so much heat and pressure that becomes chemically changed into diamond (I even think I´ve worked out that chemical equation several times in chemistry class). But even after this chemical process, for the diamond to shine and reflect light it must be polished and delicately shapened. That is just like our testimony. The finished product perfectly reflects the light of Christ. One of the things that I learned about repentance yesterday at church touched me deeply. Sister Gallo shared that the Lord will place opportunities and situations for us to PROVE to Him that we have repented of our sins. If we have problems with any of the commandments of God, as part of the repentance process we will have to pass the tempting situation once again, but this time to have the strength to overcome. Just because we have repented for something doesn´t mean that God will take away our tempations or lessen Satan´s power over us! But we do have the opportunity to remember our past mistakes and change. The Holy Ghost gives us power and strength. It is so good to learn, relearn, and study these gospel principles because we can always learn something new and strengthen our testimony, or make our diamond shine a little brighter.

Tomorrow we find out about transfers. Pray that I stay with my awesome companion! She has changed my life and I learn daily from her. Talk to you guys later!

Com amor,

Sister Brown 

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