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Semana 45

By 1:16 PM

Olá família!!

Okay so I LOVED the Thanksgiving pictures!!! The food looked delicious, I could almost taste dad´s turkey and stuffing right through the computer monitor.. also loved the quotes\commentaries from the Motto Family on the email chain. I miss you all!!! So to celebrate Thanksgiving here, we went to the church early thursday morning, watched "Charly" (that LDS film that doesn´t leave a single eye dry) with the district, and me and Sister Thomson made ourselves a makeshift American football and played around in the hallway. It sure wasn´t anything exciting, but I spent the day reminiscing on past memories and expressing my gratitude to the Lord for what I get to spend my time doing here!

Sousa has heard your prayers - we got water a few days this week! I don´t even know how we get water because the ground hasn´t seen rain in like 5 years but I think it´s getting piped in from the coast.

I want to share two experiences from this week - Saturday night there was an activity in the church and at about 8 pm the Primary President came up to me and said "hey you know how to play piano right?" So we went upstairs to the chapel where I discovered that the next day was the Primary Program and they didn´t have a pianist. I sat down to look at the 6 songs she wanted me to play and I said, "look, I don´t think I´ll be able to play tomorrow because we have to go home in one hour. But I´ll do my best to work it out and see what I can do." So for about 20 minutes I played through a couple of the songs she had given me, the whole time stressed about a meeting we had the next day and I had a lot on my mind. Things didn´t seem to get a whole lot better when I was playing. She could tell I was stressed and said, "why don´t we do things the right way and say a prayer?" To me that was exactly the wake up call that I needed - that woman had faith that a prayer could change everything and give me strength and capacity to play for the Primary Program. I was humbled in that moment and realized that it was my faith that was lacking, and that this woman trusted in me and trusted in her faith and in the Lord.  The next day I didn´t play perfectly, but everything went well and I knew that I had been an answer to her prayers.

The other experience is an addition to last week´s baptism concerning the brother of our ward mission leader. We had the opportunity to baptize his other brother, Wellington this week. It wasn´t all that easy, however. Up until Saturday night everything was clear, and sunday he came to church. But something happened that afternoon and his baptism fell through, he had changed his mind. Us and the zone leaders went to his house, tried to talk him into being baptized and had a "lição de fé" but nothing we did seemed to change his mind. After an hour we decided to go back to the church. Moments like that are really difficult on the mission - you do all that you can, you teach the lessons, you pray and fast, you promise blessings and exercise your own faith, but then the adversary wins. As I thought about what I had done, I knew that I had done everything in my power and that I would not be held responsible for not having done my part. A few hours later, we got a phone call from his brother Francisco who was baptized last week. He had talked to Wellington and changed his mind, and they were on their way to the church! We had a beautiful baptismal service, and on top of that our mission hit a new record this month of 247 baptisms! Our zone baptized 51, not a zone record but we really worked hard. The Lord rewarded us for our labors and I feel so grateful to take part of it!

I don´t have much else to report for this week, but I am feeling the time start to fly by as the year closes. I love you guys and am anxious to see your faces. Thank you for the continual updates, and I´ll talk to you next week!

Amo vocês!

Sister Brown

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