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Semana 41

By 8:01 PM

Olá família!!

Tuesday night, 6:00pm. Phone call from the zone leaders:

"Alright everyone, listen up. This transfer is a big one so everyone pay close attention. Only ONE companionship stayed the same and the rest switched up."

My heart dropped, and I knew that I was being transferred.

"Sister Gallo, you will stay in Urick Graff, and your new companion is Sister Morais. Sister Brown, you are being transferred to SOUSA, Paraíba. You turned SISTER TRAINER LEADER and will be companions with Sister Carvalho AGAIN for her last transfer of her mission. Parabéns, Sister!"

When I heard that, I immediately burst into tears. I couldn´t believe that I was going to have to leave my new missionary that I was training, to be companions with my trainer AGAIN, the hardest companion I ever had. Living with her for the second time in Mossoró was terrible, and now as companions again. My head was spinning so hard I didn´t even know what to think. Everyone was congratulating me on turning Sister Trainer Leader, but ever since the moment I learned I´d be companions with her again I only felt fear set into my heart.

But. I know that there is a purpose in this. I know that this truly is REVELATION from God that President had to put us together again. This NEVER happens in our mission. But I´m determined to learn the lessons with her that the Lord wants and expects of me. So, I said my goodbyes to our converts and favorite families of Mossoró. I said bye to my "filha" Sister Gallo. I packed my bags and took a bus from Mossoró to Sousa, 5 hours away.

Sousa is the farthest area of our mission (9 hours from Natal) - in a completely different state (Paraíba, not Rio Grande do Norte), and is very different. It´s super hot here too - and we often don´t have water in our apartment and have to take bucket showers.. yikes.

President sends his best missionaries to Sousa.  The people are different here. We´re serving in a branch here, and unfortunately this area wasn´t treated very well by the missionaries in the past and we are the first missionaries that were sent to "fix" the relationship between the members and missionaries here. It´s been difficult this past week but we have successfully won the trust of the branch leaders and members. So far I really like the members here and I´m going to do my best to serve the people of Sousa, and serve the sisters here in the Sousa zone.

To answer questions - Sister Leader Trainers take care of all of the sisters in the zone, which includes the two other sisters that live with us, and sisters that are serving in Pombal, a city an hour or so away from Sousa. We also have to travel to Natal (yes the whole 9 hours) once a month for mission council. Other than that I don´t really know what else because I´m still learning about my responsibilities :)

This week we also had 2 baptisms of old investigators of the sisters - two primary boys who are a part of part member families.

Crazy story for the week -
So we share lunches and are serving in the same branch as the zone leaders, and one day at lunch this week we were talking about music and I mentioned that I played the harp. Elder Sena (ZL) is a professional soccer player from Paraguay, and after my comment he said, "NO WAY. I play the harp too!" And of course I was like, "yeah right of course you don´t play harp..." but turns out he DOES! Hahahah what a small world - he is the first person I have met on the mission that plays harp or even knows anything about what a harp is haha. Who would have thought that a professional soccer player from Paraguay would play the harp... super cool.

I don´t have much else to tell about this week, other than the Lord´s ways are higher than ours. He is our Father who knows what is best for us. I am determined to learn what I need to learn, to help and support my companion, and to find the people that the Lord has prepared for me here. Maybe this transfer isn´t so much about the investigators and future baptisms that I´ll have but more so about the companionship. I trust in the Lord and have a testimony that He really does work in mysterious ways!

I love you guys, and I´ll talk to you all next week!

Sister Brown

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