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Semana 74

By 1:18 PM

Oi gente!!

Two weeks has never felt so close yet so far away - I am anxious to see you all! I was happy to see pictures of Sister Wimmer in Megan´s ward - yay for the small mormon world. And for pictures of Natalie with President Colleoni! I can´t believe that Adam goes into the field this week - best of luck!!!!!

I know this is terrible but I don´t have a whole lot to say about this week. Tuesday we had our last zone conference with all the zones from the capital with President and Sister Soares. They had lots of incredible things to say - their last testimonies of the things they want us to remember, to live, and to be. Sister Soares talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. Of our need to learn what´s inside, to study, to love its words and to live its teachings. President Soares shared his testimony of the power of the doctrine of Christ, the power of the Atonement and Christlike love. He had all the missionaries crying. I have loved President and Sister Soares like my own parents, and feel so blessed to have had them take care of me on my mission. The testimonies they shared brought the Spirit so strong and helped me reflect on my own time here. Not only that, but the assistants asked me to organize a few musical numbers, so I arranged a quartet to sing "Brightly Beams our Father´s Mercy" (me, Sister Miller, Elder Moffat and Elder Shakespear). All the sisters sang Sister Soares´ favorite hymn, "Lead Kindly Light", and me and Sister Miller sang President´s favorite hymn, "Where Can I Turn for Peace". Both President and Sister Soares cried through them all. I thought that had been enough when randomly in the middle of President´s talk he asked me and Sister Miller to sing "I Stand All Amazed" out of the blue! He called us up and we winged it but it went well. I felt a little weird (it was unintentionally the "Sister Brown Show") but was grateful to have contributed. The Spirit was so strong and both President and Sister Soares thanked me for my musical contribution on the mission. I got to give President a hug!!!! I had wanted to do that forever!!!! It was the best mission conference yet, and the last. I got to bear my testimony (again) and although I never know what to say off the bat, the spirit testified so strongly to me in that moment.  I had the overwhelming sensation that the Lord is pleased with my efforts and has accepted my sacrifice (even though it´s not over yet). I got to say my final "tchaus" to everyone that I love, people that I will probably never see again. It brought a lot of closure to my mission and I feel peace.

Some other cool things that happened this week -

remember the guy that we contacted a few p days ago inside the big catholic church? well he was from São Gonçalo do Amarante, which is a neighboring city to Natal, so we passed his information to the Elders there. Last p day we went to Amarante because my companion Sister B. Pereira served there. We were walking down the street and this guy started to shout after me. I didn´t recognize the guy, much less because I hadn´t ever been to Amarante, but turns out that it was the guy from the catholic church! He told us that he had gone to church last week all by himself and that the elders were going to visit him! I hope he progresses! It was funny to run into him.

We have been progressing with several families this week. We may not reap all of the fruits this transfer but the next sisters sure will! The Lord has sent us many "eleitos" who were just waiting to learn about the church. This week we helped a lady weed her front walk, and when we went back to teach her she told us that a year ago she had a dream that she was in heaven and saw a bunch of people dressed in white, and that she asked someone who those people were and someone told her that it was the Mormons. No joke that was her dream! So she immediately accepted our message and asked us when she could be baptized. Her name is Severina, pray for her progress these next few weeks!

We are teaching a young woman named Victoria. She read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, and told us that when she asked Heavenly Father if it was true, she started to cry and felt her chest burn. 

I love how the Spirit converts people. I love that the Lord prepares people for us to find. The field is white. So much to do, so little time. 

Have a great week! See you soon.

Sister Brown

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