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Semana 69

By 9:35 PM

Olá todo mundoooo!!

So this has been an awesome week - full of miracles from the Lord! I´ll give you guys a quick rundown topic by topic of some things that happened.

1- Friday all of our appointments fell through and so we spent a lot of time walking around from house to house but no one could meet with us, so we started talking to people on the street. We stopped to talk to a man named Paulo. He recently moved to Natal from Manaus, and had met with the missionaries there for a long time, had been to church but had never been baptized because he moved! So we taught him all of the discussions right there on the street curb, called the elders, took him to the church and he was baptized! I truly have a testimony of how the Spirit guides us to talk to the people that the Lord has prepared to be baptized. It was a really spiritual baptismal service.

2- In our apartment complex lives a recent convert, and Sister Trage had tried a few months ago to teach her parents, but the timing never worked out to visit them and they also weren´t married. But this week, out of nowhere they got married legally! Which literally NEVER HAPPENS. MIRACLE. So we took advantage of that and taught them one of the most spiritual lessons on the Restoration of my entire mission! They are super open to hear the gospel right now, and we´re going to prepare them to be baptized here in a few weeks!

3- Today for P day we left super early to travel to Zona Sul (my old area) and meet up with EMANOEL to go on a hike in the dunes!!! I haven´t seen him in almost a year, and I have never been so happy to see someone in my life!!!!!! We spent a while catching up, and I found out that he´s getting ready to receive his endowments in July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could barely hold back the tears. This, to me, has been the fulfilling of my mission - to have seen his progress, to have been part of his conversion, and to see how the Atonement of Jesus Christ changes lives. It was so good to see him and some other people from my first area. I can´t believe that I was here one year ago. The time passes by so quickly, we hardly notice. 

That´s all I´ve got time for this week, I love you guys!

Sister Brown

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