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Semana 38

By 4:01 PM

Olá família!

Lots of people wonder, what is a missionary? This week, I really discovered the answer.

A missionary is a therapist, a doctor, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a teacher, a preacher, a guide, a support, a light in the darkness, and a rescue. A missionary enters lives and fills the gaps of peoples´ souls. A missionary represents the One who embodies all of these responsabilities and attributes and more - Jesus Christ. I eralized that what we do on the mission is more than just preach the gospel - but we really are mirroring and reflecting the very work that Christ did in His earthly ministry. Christ filled all of those roles because of the LOVE that He has for us. And as I learn to have more Christlike love, I will attend to the needs of people better. And that´s why Christ understands us so perfectly, because "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son", and through the Atonement itself.  

As for this week -

We gathered some references of relatives of a family in our ward - after visiting them and teaching them all the Restoration, we discovered from a ward member that they are drug traffickers and like sort of brazilian mafia.. which would probably keep any other person away other than the missionaries right :) The mom is inactive, but after our lesson she really felt the spirit and told us that she would come to church with her family. She´s not married to her husband but he has already visited church a few times and they had some other friends living in their house who said they would come as well. Well, they all showed up to church yesterday! And wouldn´t ya know, the gospel principles class was on eternal families and marriage - exactly what they needed to hear. Their two twin sons (who were neighborhood gangsters) were murdered a few years ago and the dad had real concerns about if his sons were lost and if he could see them again. The lesson on eternal families really touched his heart, and all of them loved church. We visited them after church and taught one of the most powerful lessons I have ever taught about what role baptism plays in reaching our eternal goals. The mom had told us earlier in the week that she had goals of entering the temple to receive her endowment, to be sealed to her husband, to raise her family in the chuch, to avoid all evil things and have a happy family. And their hearts were ready to hear what we had to say! After all was said and done, we ended up marking their MARRIAGE and BAPTISM of the husband for this month!! What a miracle. On top of it, their friend Marcos who is living with them commented that when he was at church, he felt a light and peace that he has never felt before, and when he got home it all went away and he felt darkness. I have never seen a grown man cry so much in a lesson - the spirit truly touched his heart as we talked about repentance and the opportunity to be baptized. He accepted a baptismal date as well, and everyone is going to come back to church next week. I left that lesson knowing that the spirit can touch ANYONE and change ANY heart, no matter how horrible someone is or whatever horrible things they are doing. I have high hopes and faith to change the lives of this family and seal them in the temple!!

This week we worked SO hard but were SO rewarded - remember what I wrote about a few weeks ago when I talked about just being diligent in our work and not worrying about the measure of our success (the anthill analogy)? Well we did just that, and wouldn´t you know that we DOUBLED our weekly pattern (more than 20 lessons with member, 30 other lessons, 30 new investigators, 6 marked baptisms, and 6 people at church), we had 8 INVESTIGATORS at church AND.....

we baptized Moalisson!!!! Truly looking back, it is a miracle that we baptized him. He didn´t want anything to do with commitments and was just interested and curious about the church, but he truly experienced a conversion himself and was baptized! Sister Gallo and I sang a duet, I´ll try and send that home to you guys. It really was an awesome week. The Lord blessed us immensely. And I have never been happier!!

The church is true, the book is blue, and being a missionary is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! I can´t believe that next week (?) I´ll be halfway done with my mission! Wasn´t I home like just 2 months ago?

With all my love,
Sister Brown

PS to answer questions mom - yes Mossoró is burning everything and I have lost about 8 kilos - we´re on a good streak! I didn´t get your package unfortunately and I´ll have to wait until transfers at the end of October. YES I saw the picture of Elise and Sister Baker´s brother at Homecoming!!! She´s gorgeous and so grown up! I got sick frequently in Natal but haven´t been sick since I arrived in Mossoró.


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