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Semana 12--end of Transfer #1

By 9:28 AM

Oi família!

Can´t believe I finished my first transfer in the field.. crazy. The
mission really does fly by. Did you all realize that Mother´s Day is
less than a month away?! Not sure if I´ll remember how to speak
English by then but I´ll do my best ;)

This week I want to talk less about what I did, and more about what
I´ve learned on the mission so far and share my testimony of what I
have learned to be true.

I have come to know more powerfully than ever that God is our Heavenly
Father, and he absolutely knows us, knows what we are doing, where we
are, and loves us perfectly. He loves us so much that he gave us this
world to come to - to learn and grow together as families, to have
experiences of happiness and joy, and to have experiences of pain,
trial, and sufferings. I often think of the experiences that we have
had as a family that have shaken us but have brought us closer to God.
I am so grateful that this Earthly experience gives us the opportunity
to really SHOW our Heavenly Father our love for Him, and to prove our
faith through our actions. I am learning now more than ever the
importance of putting our faith into action. In portuguese, the word
fé (or faith) is a beautiful acronym for the word itself. F- fazer (or
to do something), and E - esperança (or to hope/wait/wish for). Faith
isn´t about just having a belief. Faith is the expression of our
belief. And how do we show our faith? We follow the restored gospel of
Jesus Christ here on Earth. We follow the 5 principles and ordinances
of the gospel - faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism by
immersion and authority for the remission of sins, laying on of hands
for the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. What another
wonderful gift that our Heavenly Father gave us the gospel to follow
as part of His plan! Without the gospel, we really would be lost. I´m
so grateful that we have commandments to follow, that we have PROMISED
BLESSINGS from keeping them, and that we have scriptures to be our
constant guide. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and
was translated by the prophet Joseph Smith. I didn´t always know that.
But as I have developed my faith and received a clear witness from the
Holy Ghost I cannot deny what I am teaching to the people here is
absolutely true. Every time I teach the Restoration and the first
vision I am hit with the power of the Spirit that Joseph Smith really
saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I am grateful to know that if I
faithfully follow the gospel and perservere until the end, proving my
faith through my actions and works here on Earth, through the grace
and mercy of Christ I can overcome both mortal and spiritual death and
live with my Father in Heaven once again.

How do I know all of these things? Because of the confirming witness
of the Spirit which is in me. I am so grateful to have the opportunity
to bring this knowledge to my brothers and sisters here.

In other news for this week-

I got really sick Wednesday, with the same thing that I was really
sick with in the CTM. I don´t know what it is but it was absolutely
horrible, we had to cut our work day short and I slept the evening
away. Don´t worry I was back to normal after a few days, but I think
it´s because of the sun and the heat. I´ve been more careful to drink
more water and stay healthy!

We had several miracles this week, I´ll tell you one. We had a baptism
planned for a young man we´ve been teaching named Hugo. All was going
well, he accepted the date for yesterday, has been going to church
every sunday, going to institute, took out his earrings that he had,
reads the Book of Mormon and prays, everything. So, we brought our
District Leaders with us to our appointment with him so they could
give him his baptismal interview. However, as we talked with him and
he opened up to us he said that he has his answer but is afraid he
won´t keep all of the commandments after he is baptized. He has a
problem with the word of wisdom when he goes out with his friends on
the weekend and he said he has a hard time saying no.. so the baptism
fell through but his testimony is strong, we just need to replace his
fear with faith! However the real miracle is what happened
afterwards... our appointment with him finished at 9:20, and he lives
all the way in Candelaria, which is an hour by foot from our
apartment. We were with the elders, so we tried to go to the houses of
two members in the same neighborhood but no one answered. At this
point we didn´t know what to do other than just walk home, so as we
headed out and made it to the main freeway, we were all just praying
that someone would offer us a ride or a miracle would happen. Not two
minutes later, a car stopped by and it was a member!! I don´t know how
they saw us from the freeway, but it was a testimony to me that
Heavenly Father truly knows where His children are, what they are
doing, and has all power to help His missionaries and His children.

Don´t worry, I´m fine and protected daily :)

I´m out of time, but know that I love you all and can´t wait to see
what the next transfer has in store! I´ll most likely stay here with
Sister Carvalho, but I think we will get another companionship set in
our apartment to take over the other area that we are covering right
now! Both Sister Carvalho and I feel that this past transfer together
has been a transfer of planting seeds. We were blessed this week and
have several baptisms marked and we WILL baptize this transfer! It´s
time to harvest from our labors.

Talk to you all next week <3

Sister Brown

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