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Semana 6

By 5:00 PM

Olá minha querido família!!

WEEK 6! This is it! I have 3 days left, can´t believe it´s finally coming to a close! Actually, I really can. I´m definitely done with sitting in a classroom for 16 hours of the day haha. As for this week, a few interesting things to report: We had a general authority come speak to us! A member of the first quorum of the 70, and in the Brazil Area Presidency, but I don´t remember his name. Our whole schedule got rearranged to listen to him, it was a pretty big deal! São Paulo had daylight savings this week! So we got an extra hour of sleep. Doesn´t mean that I actually got anymore sleep... but that´s besides the point haha. Yesterday we got to go to the federal police building to extend our visas for our whole mission, get finger printed, and get our "green cards". Honestly that was probably the most exciting part of the week outside of the normal schedule, and I don´t even remember all the happened this week, there isn´t much to report. I´ll do my best!

Sunday was fabulous, as always. I started this new thing (I´m probably going to start a lot of "new things" and not really get anywhere with them haha) where I´m going through all of the Gospels in the New Testament and really diving into the teachings of Christ, and pulling out all of the questions that Christ asks the people, and then comparing them to my own questions that I ask to see how I can improve my teaching skills and become more like Him. It´s been a really cool experience so far this week, and I´ve noticed a lot of really interesting things. I am learning so much about my Savior. One of the things that really struck me was how much His teachings center on nature, and natural occurences in this world. I thought to myself, why? I came up with a few reasons. 1- people are all very familiar with the world around them, and can understand and relate to simple truths. 2- all, and I mean ALL, things in this world denote that there is a God - how can we not deny His hand? We can learn so much about God through observing the world around us. Anyway, haven´t explored this much but I´m looking forward to continuing to learn more about my Savior and the gospel.

This week in class, we had a nice, repremanding lecture on not FSL'ing (fala sua lingua) 100% of the day from one of our teachers. Out of love, but all of us came out of that pretty sad and down on ourselves. Really, our lecuture was on obedience. And as bad as I felt afterwards, I felt so grateful for that constructive criticism, because FSL is a rule - I know that I can do better. Sometimes I go 12, even 14 hours without any English, but I can still do better. And with only 3 days left, I can´t afford to not have those blessings from obedience for my final preparations for the field.

This week has been hard on the motivation train - but one thing I realized is that in order to maintain motivation I need to better understand the Atonement. In that last stretch, there are still SO many people that need help, and who Christ died for as well. He suffered for not just my sins, but theirs. How could I let a minute pass by without extending the knowledge of redemtion and eternal happiness? This is a great life lesson that I need to apply and learn. When I want to be done, slack off, or quit, I need to never forget that there are still people that need my help, and I must always be learning and growing and working hard in order to help them. As a missionary, I can´t serve in this calling without feeling a portion of His pain. I can´t do this work without walking a similar path. I can´t testify of Him with power without experiencing rejection, pain, mockery, and affliction. But, I can use the Atonement to support me through this. I can, and I must. There will be days where I just don´t understand why things are the way they are. But I must finish my work, His work. And this doesn´t only apply to the mission, but to life. Perserverar até o fim. I need to change my mindset, and my motivation for doing what I do. This is all for HIM, and that is why I will work my very hardest. :)

My favorite part of being a missionary is when I wake up in the morning and put on my nametag (or even sometimes when I forget to take it off and night and just sleep with it on haha). I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Never, never, ever forget that is how I feel. I want everyone to know that I DO NOT REGRET THIS DECISION.

I love you, I love you, I love you. I know this is where I need to be. I´m anxious and VERY nervous to get to the field on Tuesday, but know that just as the Lord has qualified me and provided for the past 6 weeks, I know he will continue to do the same.

Até o campo,

Sister Brown

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