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Emily's departure photos

By 10:43 PM

Here are some photos from last evening when Emily was set apart as a missionary and from this morning before going to the MTC as well as some photos from the MTC drive-by drop off (man that is a killer…).

                                              Emily and her beloved harp.

                                             Did we do a good job faking happy?

                                             Our awesome friend and neighbor, President Clive
                                             Winn set Emily apart.

                                             Happy Sister Brown

We even got Betsy to sit still for the photo!


                                                In the car for the "long" drive to the MTC

                                                       Good-bye is hard when it will be for
                                                        at least 3 1/2 years.                                

                                            We are so proud of Sister Brown!  We love you!

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