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New Entry Date!

By 4:45 PM

I am reinstated to serve in the Brazil Natal mission after a 3 month delay and will be leaving on January 20th to the São Paulo Brazil MTC.

I have learned greatly the lesson of patience over the course of the past seven months since I received my mission call.  Although this hasn't been a smooth journey and I've experienced rock bottom through this entire process, I wouldn't have learned these valuable lessons any other way, and I know that as I serve a mission these will become an incredible strength as they already have begun to.

I have never wanted more than I do now, to be a missionary and servant of the Lord. I want to serve people, serve Him, and bring the light and truth of the gospel to the nations of the world.  That has always been a personal goal, but now more than ever do I want to proudly proclaim that message and stand firm before the world.

I have learned the importance of good, hard study. Especially scripture study. That is how we receive answers to prayers from God, and how He speaks to us and directs our lives. Through the study of doctrine, we can better understand what to do with our lives, and make good decisions from there. Joseph Smith made the decision to study the Bible, and because he pondered and acted upon the inspiration and guidance given in James 1:5 to ask God if he lacked in wisdom, he changed the course of the world through restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ upon the earth. That is only one example of how impactful and critical scripture study is in our lives, and the potential it carries to change the world around us.

I wish I could better dictate the thoughts of my heart on that topic, but that will have to do for now. Know that I have a testimony of this, and of the gospel.  I am daily learning simple principles of the gospel that change my life, and one by one am coming to KNOW of their truthfulness as I learn through experience and inspiration from God.

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